San Juan Pools does not strive to keep up with our competitors, we strive to remain ahead of them by producing the most celebrated and distinguished designs in the fiberglass swimming pool industry.
Animal Pools (not just for people)
All of our San Juan Fiberglass Pools are durable enough for all the family pets. San Juan Fiberglass Pools have always been pet friendly in many ways. Most of our pools were designed with your pets in mind. And you thought San Juan only made fiberglass pools for people to swim in! Many of our existing pools, with tanning ledges, swim outs, seats, and benches, are pefect for family pets.

We have also designed a horse therapy/training pool, which has a built in treadmill, along with easy entry and exiting for the horse.

We have built: Holding tanks for Sea World, Nickelodeon Animal Show and Top Dog Country Clubs.
Frozen Pools (Winters sports)
Who said a pool is just for swimming during the hot summer days. San Juan Fiberglass pools are so strong and durable that even when frozen solid, you can still enjoy them, just get out the ice skates and start the winter fun!
Vanishing Edge Pool
Vanishing edge pools arent just for the rich and famous anymore. With San Juan Pools Innovative Manufacturing we have made this popular High end Design reasonable for anyone to own. Do you love the sound of falling water, want an endless look, or want that great visual effect you see in magazines? Then a vanishing edge or a perimeter overflow pool is what you need in your backyard paradise. San Juan Pools has several models with built in catch basins to make this an easy to do project. We have over five negative edge pools with built in catch basins, although all of our models can be custom made with these features. Check out our NEWEST ADDITION The Sydney Spa, which is a Full perimeter overflow spa. On of our newest additions to our Vanishing edge line of fiberglass pools.
Swim Line Pools
If exercise and swimming laps is what youre looking for and you're limited in space or don't want a big pool our lap lane pools are what you're looking for or add a Swim Current system!

If the design of our lap pools does not meet your criteria for space, you can turn most of our pools or spas into a state of the art, functioning exercise pool or swim spa without the need of a traditional lap pool. With a Dynamic Flow System you can swim in place, even with limited space. We offer programmable workouts which are adjustable for the novice swimmer up to the Olympic swimmer.

Take a look below at the Swim Tahoe Dynamic flow System.

Floating Pools
When it comes to being creative and innovative, San Juan Pools is the first in our industry to come out with a Floating Pool. Floating Pools are a great option for coastal and water front residential properties.
Marinas, can now add a Floating Pool to add allure to their Association. Impress the neighbors; tow the Floating Pool, to the middle of the lake, to have a pool party!!! With a Floating Pool, you can put a whole new meaning to Block Party... or should we say "Water Party".
Epsom Salt Float Tank (Floates)
The San Juan Float-ES is the easiest Epsom salt float chamber to set up and the most efficient to operate.
Float-ES Epsom Salt Tanks can be used to improve your life in many different ways, from stimulating pain-killing endorphins to improving performance for athletes. Some of the life improvements you can expect are:
Decrease stress, anxiety and tension by lowering the related levels of biochemicals in your body.
Weight Loss, evidence shows that floating can initiate weight loss and has a maintenance effect to help keep off the additional unwanted pounds.
Pain-killer, floating stimulates the brain to secrete endorphins reducing pain.
Helps reduces bad habits, as in smoking, drinking, drug use and counter acts withdrawal symptoms.
Improved performance for Athletes, as well as increasing recovery time.
Super-learning helps increase the minds power on comprehension.
Safety Covers
San Juan Fiberglass pools has the largest selection of pool / spa combinations available including many pools that are SAFETY COVER READY.
Relax and enjoy your new, low maintenance, always swim ready, refreshing pool build with an in-floor cleaning system from the World's #1 In-floor Cleaning System Company since 1964.